Meet The Pals

I've got a family and we know how to teach in a way that helps children have fun and learn the important stuff at the same time. Cracking the code is the single most important accomplishment in the whole wide world! Before you get cracking you need some mascots so you can have fun and learn at the same time!

Alpha Head.png

Vowelery's letters are called vowels and they represent the vowel sounds. Vowelery wears track shoes because she races to get at least one of her letters in every single word and in every single syllable.


Do you know when to use a and when to use an? The answer might surprise you! 


Con Consonant represents the consonant letters. The term "consonant" is hard to remember but very important for learning the alphabetic principle. This character helps to playfully distinguish consonant letters.




A syllable can be a word or parts of words. Syllable is a dog who loves to eat words and he is so hungry all of the time! The number of syllables, in a word, equals the number of bites Syllable gets to take!